Crown Wheel Pinion

crown wheel and pinionsA crown wheel is a wheel with cogs or teeth set at right angles to its plane and the pinion is a small cogwheel that meshes with the crown wheel.

Straight Bevel Gear

straight-bevel-gears-aThese are the simplest form of bevel gear. Like spur gears,gearbox, the teeth on a straight bevel gear are straight, but they taper from the large diameter of the gear.

Transmission Gears Shafts

transmission-gears-shafts-aWe at GOELA ENGINEERS manufacture and export Transmission Gears and Shafts.We manufacture and export premium quality Transmission Shafts.

Tractor Spare Parts

tractor-spare-partsWe at GOELA ENGINEERS manufacture and export Tractor Spare parts also. These parts are manufactured using the finest quality raw material.

Differential Gears

differential gearsWE at GOELA ENGINEERS manufacture and supply premium quality Differential Gear. These Gears are manufactured using high class steel and allied metals.

Axle Shafts

axle shaftGoela Engineers is one of the leading Axle Shaft manufacturing in India. We are manufacturing axle shafts and supply in India and overseas.

Type Of Gears

Rotavator Gear Shaft

Rotavator GearWe are manufacturers and suppliers of Rotavator Gears, GearBoxes, Rotavators Side GearBox, Dead Axle, Stub axle, Side Plate, Hosing Set


GearBox Manufacturer Goela Engineers have been designing and manufacturing high quality gearbox and produces and export with innovative products solutions Though reduction & other transmission gearbox.


Steel Forgings

Goela-engineers-steel-ForgingsGoela Engineers supplies steel forgings made on world-class Forgings facilities. Our forging facilities consists of forgings press lines, closed die-forgings, open die forgings, screw press forgings,steel beams, hammer forgings.From raw forgings to ready-to-install components for assembly – our forgings meet the highest quality requirements for various
Applications. From the range of our forging equipment we select the most economic and efficient manufacturing processes for your products. We also have back-ups available for all forging lines. Subsequently, we are able to satisfy almost all kinds of customer requirements in forging.We are pleased to advise you about the various combination possibilities of forging and machining at the most economic cost-performance-ratio.
Forging plant is well equipped with pneumatic power hammers, hydraulic presses, heat treatment furnaces and inspection & testing facilities to qualify the forgings as per Aerospace and other national & International standards. The manufacturing capacity of the plant is 1000 MT of Steel forgings and 200 MT of Aluminum alloy forgings per annum. The company is actively involved in indigenization and development of high strength Aluminum alloy forgings in various temper conditions.Goela Engineers manufactures steel forgings in raw, semi-machined and Fully machined stages in various grades of Carbon, Alloy, Micro-Alloy and Stainless Steels in the weight range of 0.20 Kg to 60 Kg. The Company caters to the forging requirements of almost all sections of industry.

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