Angular Bevel Gears

These are bevel gears whose shafts are set at an angle other than 90 degrees. They are useful when the direction of a shaft’s rotation
needs to be changed. These gears permit minor adjustment of gears during assembly and allow for some displacement due to deflection under operating loads without concentrating the load on the end of the tooth.

The bevel gear has many diverse applications such as:

•Locomotive differential gears
•Marine bevel gears
•Automobile gears and shafts
•Printing machine gears
•Cooling tower crown wheel pinions
•Power plants bevel gears
•Steel plants spiral bevel gears
•Defence gears and shafts
•Railway track inspection machine spiral bevel gears.

A good example of bevel gears is seen as the main mechanism for a hand drill. As the handle of the drill is turned in a vertical direction, the bevel gears change the rotation of the chuck to a horizontal rotation. The bevel gears in a hand drill have the added advantage of increasing the speed of rotation of the chuck and this makes it possible to drill a range of materials. They are important components on all current rotorcraft drive system.

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