Differential Gears Working

differential gears

differentialgeardifferential gearsWorking of a Differential Gear:

When a differential gear is meshed with the other gear then the highly efficient torque is applied from the differential side gears to the axle shaft. When torque level decreases then the gear separating forces also decreases allowing the axle shaft to rotate independently. Differential gears can add or subtract the movement of two inputs. In practical terms, they will turn the number of revolutions proportional to the movements of both inputs. They are used to convert the lengthwise flow of power from the engine through the clutches, transmissions, and propeller shafts into a right-angle direction. This change allows the engine power to turn the wheels.In the differential gears there are two coaxial gears, the pinions and the turntable. Pinions are mounted on intermediate shafts and these shafts are connected to a fixed carrier called the turntable. The differential gears are lubricated with a fluid that absorbs heat and increases the life and performance of the gears as well as the wheel. Regular driving subjects the fluid to high heat that breaks the fluid at a later stage. This results in the contact of two metals, which eventually increases the heat and prevents the gear from turning the car’s wheel. So, the fluid should be properly checked in regular intervals.