Girth Gear Maintenance

The specific method of maintenance are :
>> Stroboscopic viewing :
   This is done during the operation of these Gears is operating. It gives the operator a clear picture of the actual condition of the gear.
>> Infrared temperature measurements :
   Infrared temperature measurements are also done during the these gears operation. It monitors the load distribution. It gives the operator a method to schedule and plan the specifics of any alignment, which may be necessary due to foundation shifts for example.
>> Visual examination :
   Visual examination is done of the teeth during the non operation hours for example during linear replacement.
>> Proper Lubrication :
   These gears need very sophisticated lubrication systems. Though we would never even think of running our car engines without lubricant, yet we are prone to doing so with Girth Gears. The following image shows the pitfalls of an improper lubrication.