Herringbone gear

Herringbone Gears

Herringbone GearsHerringbone gear Herringbone gears are said to be a type of Double helical Gears in fact they are in essence a two side-by-side, opposite-hand held helical gears. As the tooth angles of the herringbone gear are reversed on the opposite side, this results into counterbalance of the thrusts produced by the left hand or right hand sides. The two sets of teeth is separated at the center by a thin gap for a proper alignment. The teeth on the mirrored halves of the gear looks like an arrow head or a “V”.
A perfect herringbone contains a helix angle of 30° helix, a 20° transverse pressure angle. They may or may not contain a center groove between the left and right hands. These gear generally functions on non-intersecting parallel shafts.

Manufacturing of Herringbone Gear

A large and diverse type of material is used for the manufacturing of Herringbone gears. This include both metals and nonmetals.

In Metals typical material used are:
• Aluminum            • Brass
• Cast iron                • Bronze
• Stainless steel      • Carbon steel
• Hardened steel

These days Herringbone gears that are made of plastics are common. In Non metals material used are:
• Nylon,     • Acetal, and  •  Polycarbonate