straight spline gears application

straight spline gears

straight spline gearsA Non-Involute gears used in a gear pair. A first gear has a plurality of radially extending, circumferentially spaced teeth, each with a generally cylindrical, arcuate shaped end surface. A second gear has a plurality of spaced, non-involute shaped teeth. Each tooth of the second gear is formed with opposed base faces disposed at an identical radius. A pair of flats extend in parallel from the ends of each circular base face and terminate in inwardly extending, end portions extending from the flats to the top land of each gear tooth. A tooth space is formed between two adjacent non-involute gear teeth having a semi-circular base portion formed by the opposed circular base faces of two adjacent gear teeth and two parallel flat portions formed by the pair of parallel flats extending from the semi-circular base portion which combine to form a generally U-shaped space for receiving a gear tooth on the first gear.